Carnival Queens

Carnival Queens still


In this documentary, Caribbean American women dance their determination during the West Indian Day Parade, making their culture visible. The West Indian Day Parade is Brooklyn’s Carnival – bringing millions of immigrants and New Yorkers together in creative resistance and celebration.


What does the West Indian Day Parade mean in a time of increasing xenophobia and anti-Black racism? Our main characters will reflect on the role of community through the annual West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn. Two women will share their Carnival experience with viewers: Donna Dove, a Trinidad-born costume designer and Creative Director for a J’Ouvert band; and Sachea Munroe, a Carnival enthusiast and blogger who travels the world to play mas in different countries. They will explain why this annual event is worth the investment of time, talent, and money, especially given the reputation for violence and the city’s efforts to militarize it.

Colored Criticism is a fiscally sponsored project of New York Foundation for the Arts.