Art Off Pause Playlist

Did you miss us? That’s okay – every episode of #ArtOffPause is available for viewing on YouTube.

Previous Guests on #ArtOffPause

  • 7/ 1: Tammy Johnson on bellydance, community, and Black resilience in the Bay Area.
  • Tuesday 5/12:  Kevin Seaman on toxic masculinity, drag culture and #femMASCULINE in San Francisco.
  • Monday 5/4:  Alexander Hernandez on textiles, migration, and resilience in Latino communities in California.
  • Tuesday 4/28:  Marcela Torres on agentic modes, Muay Thai, and moving past violence in Chicago.
  • Monday 4/27:  Channing Kennedy on preschool storytimes and equity in California.
  • Friday 4/25: Kale Roberts on hijacking the ritual of tailgating in Florida.
  • Thursday 4/24: Betty Yu on imagining de-gentrified futures in New York.
  • Monday 4/20: Lexa Walsh on radical hospitality and artist residencies in California.